Companies can also save money by purchasing in advance at least 10 hours of flight and will receive 15% discount.




Qwest Helicopters offer a great selection of tours from different locations of Georgia. We offer a number of creative packages from Tbilisi, Batumi, Gudauri and Telvai, The most impressive is Sunrise in Mountains of Mestia with astonishing  view of Snow covered Caucasus Picks and the Sunset at sea side of Batumi.


We offer wine tours to east Georgia as well as wedding flights and one day camping tours to mountains. Further, the corporate transportation is another strengths  of the company.


Our tour flights last from just 10 minutes to few hour and they are extremely popular with travelers. 10 minutes tours are the cheapest way to experience flight and they are most popular in Batumi. Longer flights provide great deal of experience of flight and sightseeing. Our most adventures and popular tours fly over famous landmarks of Georgia. We offer 30 min flight from Batumi to Goderdzi resort with 1 hour of free time and free Restaurant on 5 person with Adjarian traditional food.

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